Where we are now

I’ve been meaning to update the blog for some time.  Christmas came and went, and somehow the blog got left behind.  With time to reflect I have been worried about Bella having more puppies with Thomas after having a c-section.  So sadly after much heart wrenching, I decided that Thomas would need to be re-homed.  Thomas has left us to live in a lovely location in Eastbourne.  He came to us from a country home and he has left us to live in a more country environment.

Timothy has also left us to live with his new family in Carshalton.  He lives with his new doggy friend.  Tilly who is a Jack Russell.  I have had many updates and I understand that Tilly and Timmy are getting on fine, and that he is happy in his new home.

Bella and Tabitha are both staying with us permanently.  They get on well and are company for each other.  We enjoyed our experience having a litter of puppies and hope to do it again in a year’s time when Bella has had time to recuperate.  We will look for a smaller stud to ensure that her pregnancy is easier.  Tabitha looks likely to remain tiny.  I have infact never seen such a small dog, she must be in the statistics of one of the smallest dogs in England.

We hope to have a visit soon from Timothy with his new family, and plan to visit Thomas in the summer at his new home.

TabithaThis is Tabitha, now a healthy 1 lb 10 oz in weight.

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