Day 13 – It’s a Dog’s Life



In many ways it is still chaos here.  With building work happening still in our attic, our downstairs bathroom and also the exterior render of our house, Thomas has continued to believe that it is his job to defend us and our home from intruders.  Trouble is to Thomas, builders and intruders are one and the same. To stop him savaging their ankles we have to contain him constantly in different rooms depending where they need to work, weather dependant.  This inconsistency is causing havoc with his toilet habits and we are now having accidents inside where otherwise he would ‘go’ outside.  So he is receiving my wrath frequently.

Sadly he doesn’t really understand that Bella is still very unpredictable where Thomas is concerned.  If she meets him in the bathroom or Kitchen-Diner she is her old friendly self, but if he ventures in curiosity into the Lounge where Bella and the pups spend their daytime and evening hours, he is still being made aware very quickly and agressively that he is really not welcome.  They had a stand off this evening, with him hiding behind the drum kit peeping out, while Bella snarled everytime his head peaked out.

Bella with Tabitha and Timothy

Bella with Tabitha and Timothy

Poor Thomas.  Actually he loves to be out in the garden, just following his nose round his estate, even our garden is pretty big to a dog Thomas’ size!  But he rarely gets time to spend there as he just cannot help himself from attacking those poor builders.

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