Day 9 – Pups had a Visitor

Great Auntie Zoe & Little Rabbit

We have not had many visitors so far only a few people who know Bella extremely well. We have not wanted to disturb Bella and the puppies and cause any feeding problems. But we have now had a visit from Great Auntie Zoe who flew in from Cairo to see the new temporary members of our family. She brought Little Rabbit with her who is a very well travelled Rabbit who has toured the world sending back bulletins to our small son.

We will start having more visitors this week as they have settled now, spending days downstairs in the lounge and nights upstairs in their own bedroom.  They seem especially happy in our lounge which is really cosy now that we have lit our wood burning stove for the first time this season.

Do please feel free to share the url of this blog with any children you know who like puppies. Bella and the puppies will welcome all new friends  🙂

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One Response to Day 9 – Pups had a Visitor

  1. I feel very old to be called a Great Auntie!! It was lovely meeting my canine grand-niece and grand-nephew. 🙂

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