Day 8 – At the Hearth of the Family

Bella on the Hearth with Pups

Bella and the pups spent most of the day with Kevin as I was out and about with small son, ferrying him to his many home educational activities.  What a difference 12 hours can make.  Their ears are becoming more of a feature.  When Bella joined us at 2 months old she was less than 2 lbs and had the most amazingly large ears.  We jokingly referred to her as needing to grow into her ears.  My husband unkindly called her a Gremlin!  More to offend me I felt than a real observation, but none the less she did have huge ears.  These little pups do not have these yet, but I suspect that what we are seeing right now are the beginning of this feature.  I am sure that the little boy will have lovely ears just like his father does.


This evening Bella and the pups have spent time in the lounge with Thomas.  She is still very guarded and growls at him if he ventures near her bowl of unfinished dinner, or is she guarding the pups?  Earlier in the evening she was happy to leave them in their bed and play with Thomas like old times.

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