Day 6 – We’ve Turned a Corner

Hallelujah!  We have turned a corner.  The little girl is nowhere near the size of the little boy but this is the first day I feel that she is at least feeding properly.  I started the day convinced we would have to suppliment her food, infact I had small son and I in our coats ready to go out and pick up dog formula milk, when I popped back up to the bedroom, put the little girl on the boob and lo, she was latching on and staying there.  She is still vulnerable to Bella, licking her so furiously that she is pulled off, or Bella taking so much notice of the boy so that he ends up laying on top of her, or indeed, Bella seems to have an unfortunate habit of sitting on her or walking away while she is feeding.  Still so long as I watch, and check she is not being displaced by the big boy, she is now on the mend.

I have a weight chart, for you to see how they are growing.

Some photos from today.

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