Day 5 – Gaining Weight or Not

Busy day for me today, out all day with home educated son on his activities. Puppies were put in husband’s office with him, where they slept while he worked. Bella seems keener than ever to leave her pups in their bed and roam around following me when I got home. Is this normal? I don’t know. The little boy has now almost doubled in weight, while the little girl is still little over birth weight. He will suckle anything including her ears if they are nearer his mouth than a teat. She is sleepy and when she does feed tires easily, often sleeping before she has found what she is looking for.  I think tomorrow we will have to try her on formula if things do not improve.

Watching them this evening I have been able to take a few lovely clips of the little boy sleeping and snoring.

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3 Responses to Day 5 – Gaining Weight or Not

  1. neilwallis says:

    How cute the little boy looked!! Do so hope the little girl starts gaining, will you have to get a formula via the vet.? Anyway good luck. Luv mummy.

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