Day 4 – Post Op Check up

ImageWe took Bella for her post op check up today.  She has recovered well, her scar is repairing well, infact is very neat.  The little boy is thriving, he has increased in weight in those days by at least an ounce.  The little girl is not fairing so well.  She is well and healthy but not gaining weight.  The little boy seems so much more assertive than her and is taking the best feeding places, while the little girl is quite fragile.  When she does get latched on to feed she either gets pushed away by the boy, or licked off her teat by Bella who always chooses that moment to wash her.

After the vet’s trip, I took all three dogs up to my bedroom and laid on the bed with them, on a towel, and checked that the little girl got latched on first and removed the boy if he pushed her away.  They all fed and we fell asleep, a peaceful moving moment for me and probably nice for Bella who seems to be missing the closeness she had with us.  She moves from puppies to me repeatedly sometimes, not seeming to know whether she wants to be a Mum or just my baby.  Occasionally when it gets too much, she brings me a puppy and drops it at my feet, especially the little girl.  Perhaps she too realises that she is not thriving and wants me to help.  Bella still loves her cuddles with humans but after each she is sent back firmly to her babies.

All is quiet here now so I will bring them all down to sit with me in the lounge, I will again ensure that the little girl gets fed.

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