Day 3 – Progress this afternoon

Big son came over this afternoon to visit these new members of our family.  We sat and companionably chatted and took photographs of the puppies, just like we had done nearly 3 years ago when Bella joined our family.

Bella has always been a dog who just loves people.  All people.  People wherever she goes, and set aside in a quiet area of the house with 2 squealing pupplies is really not for her.  So we brought her whelping box downstairs to the lounge with her and her pups in it.  As we put the box down, she immediately set about moving her family to a bed more of her choosing.  She carefully picked up each pup and carried them to a fluffy bed and made a nest there for all three.  Poor Thomas was very curious about this activity, and hopped into the whelping box, but got told quite clearly by Bella that this was no place for him.  She allowed him in the room, but only on the opposite side.

She seemed happy to be with all her people, but simultaneously with her own new family.  She stayed there a couple of hours, until she became quite tired, worn out by her vigilance in keeping Thomas away, but also feeding her small family.  Thomas for his part was very confused as to what he had actually done wrong to be snapped at so much.  Hormones Thomas, Hormones!

For anyone who wonders what all the fuss was about this morning.  This is the noise that just one of these small puppies make when they decide to complain.

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