Day 1 – New Lives

Bella does not move far from her precious pair of puppies. Each one, crawls away on occasions, but she scoops, scratches or licks them back to her. When each try to crawl away at the same time, she frantically pulls one back and sits on it while pulling the other back and sitting on that one too, before the 1st one slips away. They are pretty fast for two little scraps who cannot see anything yet, nor stand on those fragile little limbs.

For most of the day Bella does not leave the box for anything, and I find myself hand feeding her and bringing her water bowl to within her reach where she hungrily chomps at fresh roast chicken and laps water. She should be having puppy food, but that does not interest her, so for the first few days, anything down must be better than noting. We know from the past how Bella can stop eating and this is not a time that we feel comfortable for her to go without food.

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