Day 64 – Due Date Congratulations Bella & Thomas

Well what a day!  I started this page at 1.30am and didn’t actually get any sleep until I had a nap at tea time this afternoon.  Bella was in and out of her box, showing definite movement.  She paced around, got in and out of bed, I watched her until the early hours of the morning.  I stayed fully clothed incase I needed to rush off to the vet in an emergency.  It was the early hours of the morning, when her labour started for real.  She appearing ready to deliver by the time my husband was ready for work.  But as fast as this pushing started it suddenly stopped.  I monitored this for a time and finally called the vet for their advice.

“Bring her in” they said.  I did and after a quick examination it was decided that she was completely dilated but not pushing, and these babies really needed to be out now, today is after all due date.  She was left in the tender care of those nice vets at Nelson’s Veterinary Surgery to have a caesarian section.  We returned at 1.30pm to collect Bella with her two new puppies.  Sadly of the 5 puppies that Bella had been carrying for the past two months, only 2 had survived, 2 had died in the past 2 weeks, 1 had not formed and was not a viable puppy.  Bella and Thomas are lucky to have a tiny black female puppy weighing in at 1.93 oz and a tiny black and white male puppy weighing just 2.37 oz.  Actually they look as if they will both resemble their same sex parent, and neither are bigger than a mouse.

Bella adores her puppies and is proving to be a loving mum.  She washes them to death.

During the day Bella has bonded well to her new puppies and seems to be recovering well from her little op today.

Bella and Thomas have received Congratulations also from Bella’s Mum.


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