Day 56 – False alarm

During the morning I had noticed that Bella did not seem quite so fat as usual, and somehow I noticed also that her appetite had reduced.  She is not normally a ravenous dog, but for a few weeks now she had been eating healthily.

I had the shock of my life in the afternoon, when I picked her up for one of her regular cuddles to find that my hand was filled with a greenish liquid.  Initially I panicked, but as the vet had at our last visit said she did not need to come back before the puppies were born but if we were at all worried it would be fine to pop in the week before due date.  So this was it, as my eldest son arrived to join us for a family meal, he found himself instead, swept up on a unexpected visit to the vet.

I was worried that we were losing the puppies, but the vet reassured us that one of the sacks had burst, but she would be fine with an antibiotic injection to ward off any infection.  We went home, celebrated with a Chinese meal that my son kindly purchased and set about waiting for the puppies to arrive, which we now believed would be any day.

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