Day 43 – The Vet Agrees

12 SeptIt was about time, we knew for sure, so having booked an appointment, off we went to the vet.  We saw the same vet as we did when we first sought out advice about letting these two have pups at all.  The vet examined Bella carefully then scanned her tummy.  I felt sure that he would tell us how many puppies we were expecting, so I stood beside his table and screen, idly watching the screen as he measured heads inside her tummy.  Had I known that he would not tell us how many, she would have I would have been paying a good deal more attention.  To think that I complain about my small son all the time for doing exactly what I did – not paying attention!  As soon as the scan  was over I asked how many, but sadly the vet claimed that they are governed by a board who make telling the customer is not best practice.  Does anyone know why they don’t tell?  Everywhere I go I am asked how many puppies we expect and every time I have to admit that I don’t know and the vet cannot tell me. Oh oh, as we left he just told me to expect her to be very big.  At a guess I would say we are probably expecting 4.  Here she is on day 12.  What a fat belly….. .

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