Day 12 – Bella had a fit

Neither dogs have been that well this week, but wondered if it might be as a result of having them micro chipped last weekend.  During the week Thomas stumbled a couple of times on stairs which is unusual.  Frighteningly, today while visiting friends who have dogs, dogs that especially Bella has been used to in the past, she panicked.  She barked so much that she was quite beside herself foamed at the mouth and lost consciousness in a fit.

We were quick shocked and worried that even after quite some time, she was not strong enough to stand without support.  Not like her as no matter how little she eats she is usually fit and lively.  A visit later in the day to the vet put our minds at rest.  We had apparently done the right thing in giving her a custard cream, which would have put her blood sugar level back up to where they should be.  He felt if she was pregnant the cause of the fit must have been the hormone changes in her tiny body.

She did give us a few hours worry however.

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