In the beginning

This is where it all began at the end of July 2013

This is where it all began at the end of July 2013

It wasn’t really the right time, we hadn’t finished the house that we were renovating, and that involved getting a school room ready for my small son and I to work in, but we had identified that letting the dogs have a litter of pups was going to be something interesting to do.  What better way for a home educated child to see biology happening at first hand I had thought.  But as I say the best laid plans.  But then, she is very small, and he is very young, maybe even if we let them, well maybe, it just won’t happen.

We had already taken both dogs to the vet to have them assessed for suitability of letting these two dogs breed.  He conceded that she was indeed small, just 3lb 10 oz, he was 5lb 9 oz, but that they made a nice family and seemed to like each other.  We decided that when the time was right we would do it.  Well, eh, we would let them ‘do it’…..  and ‘do it’, they did!

So that is where it started, before the house was complete, before all was finished and neat and tidy, we let nature take it’s course.

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